Imagini Vu+ Solo SIM2 (clone)

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Imagini Vu+ Solo SIM2 (clone)

Unread postby zmeura » 11 Jan 2014 13:31

Black Hole 2.0.8 -ramiMAHER


What is new:

New Vu+ drivers 16 december 2013
New Skin MX SkyLine By Matrix10
New Bootlogo IOS 7 Style by mikark
Support wmv, wma, asf media file (duo, solo and uno have to be enabled in BhSpeedUp)
Update OpenWebIf
BhEpgPanel: Change internal openepg default channel to Nat Geo
Update languages fr, no, sv
Add Audio Effect Plugin
Transcoding : support multiple encoders
Transcoding : support resolution setting , and advanced setup
A/V settings : update.
- add "AAC downmix" setup
- fix entry name, Dolby Digital downmix -> Dolby Digital / DTS downmix
gstreamer plugins updated:
- added support for mms protocol.
- added patch related on rtsp.
Transtreamproxy updated.
Support more video codecs in media playback.(OE 2.1 gstreamer)
Reduce First picture display time(zapping time improvement : duo2, solo2)
Support dual transcoding(duo2, Only 2nd transcoding is mutually exclusive with PIP)
Improve PCM playback(solo, duo, uno, ulitmo)
Support 3D surround (solo, duo, solo2, duo2)
Support AVL(automatic volume leveler)(duo2, solo2)
Support more proc entries to control duo2 transcoding.(Plugin will follow)
Improve temperature control of dual tuner when not in use(duo2, uno, ultimo)
FPGA update in solo2(done automatically in the first bootup after installation)
Fix EOS deteciton in media(PCM) & TS playback
Support AAC passthrough

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Re: Imagini Vu+ Solo SIM2 (clone)

Unread postby zmeura » 12 Jan 2014 10:34

VTI image-V+usolo-6-0-5-ramiMAHER


Update: 2013-12-24

- increase image version --> VTi 6.0.5
- update drivers (2013-12-24)

Support new HbbTV release
fix misc bugs

- update opera-hbbtv (ver. 2013-12-24)

misc. speedups
support YouTube TV

- update dvbapp2 (ver. 2013-12-24)

support EPG views during movie playback
EPGBar = OK button long, Service EPG = EPG button long
support PiP in EPGBar screen during movie playback (ts files) including zapping and timer programming
turn on/off EPGBar PiP with Play button (turn off not for Duo and Uno/Ultimo HD PiP)
picon renderer takes care of picon size given in skin(picon folder should be picon_WIDTHxHEIGHT)
update pl translation by @kapciu75
fix minor bugs

- update plugin AIHDController pichmod (ver. 2.9)
- update plugin EasyInfo (ver. 2013-12-24)

adjust for VTi dvbapp2 functions

- update plugin GraphMultiEPG (ver. 2013-12-24)

increase font size
add skip +/- 1 day function (<> buttons)

- update plugin OpenWebInterface (ver. 0.2.6 2013-12-23)

add link to LCD4Linux webinterface

- update plugin PicturCenterFS (ver. 3.76)
- update plugin WebRadioFS (ver. 11.39)
- update picons pph & LicherPils (19.2)
- add picons 50x30 pph (19.2)
- update skin Nemesis Glassline (ver. 6.0)
- add skin BlackBlueSkyHD (ver. 1.0)
- add skin BlackRedSkyHD (ver. 1.0)
- add skin Dark-BeautyHD (ver. 1.0) ... ER-usb.rar
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