E3HD CFE 751MHz Bootloader.

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E3HD CFE 751MHz Bootloader.

Unread postby stargate » 11 Apr 2014 07:27

EVO E3HD a primit si el un bootloader care tureaza procesorul, modalitatea de instalare o aveti mai jos.

ATENTIE ... instalarea acestui bootloader anuleaza garantia aparatului.

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1. Download the Factory Image
2. Unzip the downloaded file
3. Copy and paste the "e3hd" folder onto root of your USB stick
4. open the folder "e3hd", and you will find the file "noforce." You can change the name of the file to "force"
5. Insert USB Stick to your E3HD's front USB port or rear USB port
6. Turn on E3HD using the power switch on the rear panel.
-> if file inside the "e3hd" folder is named to noforce, press the power button on the front panel to flash image
-> if file inside the "e3hd" folder is named to force, flashing will start automatically once you turn on the E3HD

Nota: Vizionarea programelor Pay TV fara un abonament valabil este ilegala
Discutiile purtate si fisierele disponibile aici sunt în scop experimental si educational !

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