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DVBViewer - DVB PC player

Unread postby ASiX88796 » 02 Jan 2016 12:47

The DVBViewer allows you to experience Digital TV on your PC. With a proper DVB card or a SAT>IP Server you can enter the world of digital entertainment and experience high quality, incredibly sharp TV pictures and near CD quality radio!

  • HDTV capability (live-watching, recording and playback)
  • PiP (Picture in Picture)
  • Support for Teletext and DVB Subtitles
  • Support for H264 transmissions
  • Recording Video in .mpg, .m2p, .ts
  • WinLIRC support
  • EPG - an electronic program guide
  • Fully manageable favourite list of channels
  • Playback of any multimedia file
  • DVD Playback
  • Recorder Programming
  • ...and more.


Download: dvbviewer.com/en/index.php?page=downloads
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Re: DVBViewer v6.0.0

Unread postby ASiX88796 » 05 May 2017 21:16

Versiune nouă: DVBViewer Pro v6.0.0 (In Memoriam - Lars Gehre)
- Removed: Unicast Network Device: This out-dated way of connecting to the Recording Service is not available anymore. Its functionality is now fully covered by RTSP (Sat>IP) Network Devices that can be used as replacement. If Unicast Network Devices are essential for some reason please stay with Recording Service 1.33.2 beta and DVBViewer Pro 5.6.4.
- Updated: Key Tool (KeyTool.exe) to version 1.1. It allows to order a Media Server license (more about it here) and to enter the password that you will receive after having purchased it.
- Added: Channel List: DVBViewer Pro 6.0 provides an easy way to try the new streaming capabilities that allow to store Internet TV/Radio channels in the channel list.
  • Click TV/Radio → Reception Settings in the main menu.
  • Select “TS Stream” in the list of available reception types.
  • Click the Load Channel List button and select one of the sample lists from the drop-down menu.
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Re: DVBViewer v6.0.1

Unread postby ASiX88796 » 05 May 2017 21:25

Versiune nouă: DVBViewer Pro v6.0.1
  • Fix: Main Window: Under Windows 8 and 10 the control bar disappeared completely or turned into a small button when it was visible while the main window was minimized and restored (particularly in DVBViewer 6.0.0 radio window mode).
  • Change: Main Window: Restoring the minimized main window under Windows 8 and 10 now also restores all other open DVBViewer windows (like under Windows 7). Previously each window had to be restored separately.
  • Fix: Main Window: On DVBViewer start the main window always appeared on the primary monitor, not where it was previously closed, when Options → General → Start in full screen mode was switched on.
  • Fix: OSD: Creating thumbnails for movie folders (in htpcHome → Movies) did not work correctly. Possibly the content of Images\ Thumbs\Videos\Title in the Configuration Folder must be deleted to force image recreation.
  • Fix: COM Interface: EPG-related bugs affecting add-ons, particularly EPGPlus and Zappi.
  • Fix: Subtitle Options: “Enable if available” (supposed to let DVBViewer automatically display subtitles if available for the selected languages) did not work anymore.
  • Fix: Channel Editor: The import open dialog did not offer M3U as file type.
  • Fix: RTSP Device: DVBViewer did not respond correctly to forced channel switching signaled by the DVBViewer Media Server, e.g. when a timer recording starts in the Media Server requiring a device that currently is used for playback in a DVBViewer client).
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Re: DVBViewer Pro v6.0.2

Unread postby ASiX88796 » 13 May 2017 22:13

Versiune nouă: DVBViewer Pro v6.0.2
  • Fix: File Playback: The fast forward / rewind function did not work in the Radio Window display mode, where it was supposed to perform incremental jumping (+/- 10, 30, 60... seconds depending on the number of rapid mouse clicks).
  • Fix: File Playback: File playback with the DVBViewer Filter did not work if the filename contained characters that were not available in the local character set.
  • Fix: TS Stream / HLS: Enhanced internal error handling preventing useless attempts to get the same file from server again and again if it replies with an error code.
  • Fix: DVB IPTV: Virtual DVB IPTV network devices (and also virtual TS Stream devices if used for DVB IPTV) always signaled data reception with a “signal strength” of 100%, even if they did not receive data at all.
  • Change: EPG: Faulty UTF-8 EPG strings are auto-corrected (which may yield some missing characters). This does not apply to EPG data already stored in the file epg.dat (see configuration folder).
  • Fix: COM Interface: ChannelManager.GetByChannelName did not work anymore (always returned 0).
  • Fix: Media Server Options: The “Method for playing remote recordings” tweak (see Tweaker.exe) did not work anymore.
  • Fix: Main Window: On DVBViewer start the main window always appeared on the primary monitor, not where it was previously closed, if Options → General → Start in full screen mode was switched on. The fix in DVBViewer Pro 6.0.1 only took effect under Windows 7 with Aero design switched off.
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Re: DVBViewer - DVB PC player

Unread postby ASiX88796 » 19 Jul 2017 08:59

Versiune nouă: DVBViewer Pro v6.0.3
  • Change: General: Default configuration files including the transponder lists shipped with DVBViewer are not stored in the installation folder anymore, but in the Default sub-directory.
  • Change: Main Window: When the DVBViewer main window is restored from the minimized state all other minimized DVBViewer windows are also restored. Previously each window had to be restored separately.
  • Added: File Playback: Jumping to the previous/next chapter, if a MKV file contains chapter markers.
  • Added: File Playback: Tweak “Use chapters for Previous/Next actions” (see Tweaker.exe). Applies to DVD and MKV playback, provided chapter markers are present. Enables jumping to chapters instead of 1 minute back/forward. The default is “on”.
  • Change: File Playback: The default playback method for DVBViewer Media Server recordings from another PC is now “Media Server Streaming” except for recordings with UNC path (also see “Method for playing remote recordings” setting in Tweaker.exe). Streaming allows DVBViewer to access the recordings without network shares.
  • Fix: Teletext Window: Teletext pages saved as .bmp or .png were rendered with too large characters overlapping each other if the Windows text size was greater than 100% (see here).
  • Added: Teletext Window: Tweak “Width of saved teletext images” (see Tweaker.exe) for specifying the width of teletext images saved as .png or .bmp in pixels. The height is scaled accordingly.
  • Change: Channel Logos: Enhanced handling that uses less memory. Please note: On next channel logo access the file ChannelLogos.ini (containing logo → channel assignments) is converted to a more efficient format and stored as ChannelLogos2.ini.
  • Added: Channel Logo Options: New “Default Logo” context menu item that resets the selected logo → channel assignment to its default. It does the same as the Reset button, but for a single entry.
  • Fix: Channel Logo Options: Cancel did not undo changed logo → channel assignments.
  • Fix: Timer Recording Window: After opening the Window the currently played channel was assigned to the channel field in the input area, not the channel of the selected timer recording (see here).
  • Fix: EPG Window: The timeline view was restricted to displaying the EPG only one week ahead (see here). The keyboard shortcut for opening the Timer Recording Window did not work correctly. It is now Ctrl+M.
  • Fix: OSD: The OSD menu timeout set on Options → OSD General did not work anymore (since 6.0.2, see here).
  • Fix: Actions: Missing entries in the file actions.ini (see installation directory), particularly “Video Window 1” and “Radio Window”. The former “Hide All” entry has been renamed to “Video Window 2” (see here).
  • Fix: Hardware: DVB Tuner allocation did not work correctly in case of competing access to hybrid tuners and tuners that were configured for “Shared LNB”. They were used simultaneously though they shouldn't. (since 6.0.2).
  • Fix: COM Interface: Deleting favorites with the RemoveFavorite function did not work correctly (see here).
  • Change: TS Stream: Enhanced Handling of relative paths in URLs. Required for playing certain HLS streams.
  • Updated: Default channel lists for internet TV / Radio in \Default\Channels\.directory.
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Re: DVBViewer - DVB PC player

Unread postby ASiX88796 » 02 Nov 2017 09:56

Versiune nouă: DVBViewer Pro v6.0.4
  • Added: Teletext Window: Navigation tree view showing the available pages and sub-pages. A “+” icon indicates a page with sub-pages, an “S” icon a subtitle page and an “N” icon a news flash page. Please note: The tree view changes the navigation with the arrow keys, page up/down etc. according to the tree view standard behavior. Additionally holding down the Ctrl key lets the Teletext Window respond as before.
  • Change/Added: Teletext Window: The (non-graphical) teletext representation for the visual impaired that appears after activating Options → Extended → Support for visual impaired users is now adjusted to the current window size (thus being more readable for non-impaired users) and provides additional keyboard functions: Placing the text cursor on a page number and pressing Return switches over to this page. Placing the text cursor on an internet address and pressing Return opens a browser window with the corresponding page (does not work if the address contains a line break). Ctrl + C copies the selected text to the clipboard, Ctrl + A selects the whole teletext page. Ctrl + arrow keys are for teletext navigation (up: previous (sub-)page, down: next (sub-)page, left: back to the last visited page, right: forward).
  • Fix: Teletext: DVBViewer unnecessarily reset the teletext page memory on audio track changes. The Teletext Window content now responds more smoothly to resizing.
  • Change: Teletext Subtitles: They are now synchronized with video according to the broadcasted presentation time stamps (PTS) and displayed at the position and with the color intended by the broadcaster.
  • Added: Subtitles: DVB and teletext subtitles are labeled as “for the hearing impaired” in menus if they are flagged by the broadcaster accordingly.
  • Fix: Subtitles: DVBViewer only remembered the last selected teletext subtitles for a channel. Other subtitle types were excluded.
  • Fix/Change: Subtitle Options: The font size grew after each change on this page and OK/Apply in case of a Windows/Resizer text size greater than 100%, particularly affecting teletext subtitles. Additionally the Subtitle Options have been generally reworked. They don't apply to teletext subtitles anymore (the corresponding settings are now completely covered by the Teletext Options).The misleading Delay setting, that only takes effect under exceptional/error conditions has been moved to Tweaker.exe.
  • Added: Main Window: Toolbar Editor for rearranging and extending the toolbar. It can be opened by right-clicking the toolbar. The icon set selection in the upper part was located on Options → General in previous versions. On the left side it shows the icons (sorted in categories) that are available in the currently selected icon set. The right side shows the icons that are currently assigned to the toolbar including dividers. You may use the buttons or drag & drop to add, delete and rearrange icons.
  • Added: Main Window: VisionX icon set that covers almost all commands that are available in the DVBViewer main window and allows to add them to the toolbar, if VisionX is selected in the Toolbar Editor. Please note that VisionX is a modifiable external icon set on disk (see below).
  • Added: Main Window: Possibility to add external icon sets for the toolbar (also self-made sets).They must comply with the following rules: list of rules.
  • Added: Main Window: Help menu item “Order/Unlock Add-Ons...” that launches KeyTool.exe.
  • Change: Main Window: The signal strength field of the status bar (with four display modes switchable by mouse clicks) has been reworked. The former “None” display mode that showed an empty field has been replaced by a time of day display. Hints have been added for each display mode (elapsed time / remaining time / signal / time of day) indicating its meaning. The elapsed/remaining time modes consider timeshift playback by calculating “now” accordingly. On HLS Internet TV playback they are used for displaying the position in the timeshift buffer provided by the broadcaster. On file playback the signal display mode that formerly only showed 0% now displays the elapsed time as percent value.
  • Added: Recorder/Timeshift: “Remove video filler data” now also applies to HEVC video (previously only to H.264 and MPEG2). Thanks to Martin K for coding!
  • Fix: Timer Recordings: Changing the start time of a Media Server timer in DVBViewer also changed its end time.
  • Change: Timer Recordings: The lead and follow-up time of recordings are now stored internally as separate data fields (previously they had to be reconstructed from the difference of the EPG and timer start and end times). Additionally they are stored in the file timers.xml and are sent to / received from the Media Server.
  • Fix: Timer Recording Window: Several minor issues concerning language files, the selection of control elements with accelerator keys, the activation of buttons, tuner type icons etc.
  • Fix: Recording Statistics Window: The Recordings list wasn't updated on some occasions when it was visible. Recording Status → Context Menu → Delete Recording also deleted a corresponding auto-repeat timer. General cleanup and adjustments, particularly concerning language file entries.
  • Removed: Recorder Options: “MPG with DVD packet size” checkbox that enabled enhanced MPG file recording compatibility with (old) DVD players. The setting is still available as tweak (see Tweaker.exe).
  • Fix: Recorder: A wrong (non-existing) Service ID in the channel data prevented recordings from starting. Please note: Without a correct Service ID the recorder output is restricted in any case. Decryption is not possible, DVB subtitles and additional audio tracks are not available and the Adjust PAT/PMT option does not take effect. Clients / Players may be unable to play the result. New debug and recording log entries inform about the issue (“Service ID not found in PAT”).
  • Added: UPnP Window (Playback → UPnP Server): Optional thumbnail display that can be switched on and off in th
    e context menu of the media list.
  • Fix: UPnP Window: Some minor fixes and adjustments (the window couldn't be closed with Esc, no minimum window size, child nodes were indicated in the left tree for nodes that had no children, language file corrections etc.)
  • Added: TS Stream: Tweak “Automatically create TS Stream devices on demand” (see Tweaker.exe, default “on”). It allows to disable the automatic internal creation of Virtual TS Stream devices in order to limit the streams to the number of manually added TS Stream devices on Options → Hardware.
  • Added: TS Stream (HLS): Temporary storing of (session) cookies and sending them back to the server, thus enabling reception of streams that don't work without it. DVBViewer does not store cookies permanently. They are deleted after the reception of the stream is finished.
  • Fix: TS Stream: A HTTP host header field as part of an addhdr URL parameter did not replace the host header field created by the Media Server, but was attached as an additional header field. Requesting an AES key for encrypted HLS from the server didn't use the intended user agent string in the HTTP header and ignored an addhdr URL parameter. In order to fix problems with Deluxe Music TV the number of buffered segments (with an intended overall duration/timeshift of 30 seconds) is now based on the actual duration of segments, not on the announced target duration value anymore.
  • Fix: Movie Options: The Clean Up Database button performed a cleanup of the recording database (TVDatabase.db3), not the indicated cleanup of the movie database (MediaDatabase.db3). The main purpose of the movie database is storing the last playback position. Now the clean up works in the following way: Entries referencing a file on the local PC are deleted if the file does not exist anymore. Entries referencing a remote file (by URL, UNC path, network drive) or a removable medium (DVD) are deleted if the object hasn't been played in the past 12 months.
  • Change: General Options: The menu style selection has been removed. All installations are changed to the DVBViewer menu style that supports a user defined font and font size (by means of Resizer.exe). The standard Windows menu style can still be activated by switching the new tweak “Use DVBViewer menu stile” off (see Tweaker.exe).
  • Fix: Input Options: The action Open File=94 (see actions.ini) did not work. Access violations under certain conditions could cause various malfunctions. The command list was not re-translated after a language change.
  • Change: Input Options: The action names in the file action.ini, the default command list and the English language file have been reworked in order to make them more comprehensible. The actions Window Size 40%=2018, Open URL=141 and UPnP Server=142 have been added to the file actions.ini so that keys can be assigned to them. Invalid entries have been removed.
  • Added: Hardware Options: The connection timeout (= maximum waiting time until the server responds) for RTSP Network Devices is now configurable in the settings dialog.
  • Fix: HbbTV: Issues if a HbbTV application was terminated and another one was started because the OSD was closed in between and other problems caused by certain broadcaster habits.
  • Change: Channel Handling: When the channel list is loaded DVBViewer now unifies root and category names with different upper/lowercase in order to avoid inconsistent display at different UI locations, particularly that such categories are merged in the Channel List/ Channel Editor Window, but are displayed separately in the OSD.
  • Added: Actions: New action “FavEdit=10” (see actions.ini). It replaces the former useless “ChanSave=10” that was a duplicate of “ChannelEdit=117”. The new action opens the Channel Editor with active Favorites page.
  • Fix/Change: Channel Logo Options: The “Select Logo” function in the context menu could not assign logos that were located in sub-directories of \Images\Logos\. The navigation bar in the file dialog has been removed because assigning images from other directories is not possible.
  • Change: Media Server Recordings Playback: The Tweak “Method for playing remote recordings” has been redesigned and renamed to “Access mode for remote recordings”. It introduces a new “automatic” mode, to which all DVBViewer installations are changed. In this mode DVBViewer automatically uses streaming for playback if accessing the recording directly (on hard disk or via network shares/drive) fails. The other fixed modes (1=network shares/UNC path, 2=media server streaming, 3=web server streaming) may let playback start faster. For testing purpose mode 2 and 3 can also be used with a local Media Server on the same PC.
  • Change: Media Server Handling: If DVBViewer is associated with a Media Server on the same PC, it checks if the Media Server is running before trying to connect to it and waiting for a response, thus accelerating the DVBViewer start considerably if the Media Server is offline. Same applies to RTSP Network Devices associated with the local Media Server. Initialization fails immediately if the Server is not running.
  • Added: Media Server Options: Checkbox “Download channel logos from the server”. It enables DVBViewer to request channel logos from an associated Media Server, so they don't have to be installed on the client PC. They are downloaded on demand. Requires the DVBViewer Media Server 3.0.4 or later! Please note that in this case logo assignments cannot be changed on Options → Channel Logos. It has to be done in the Media Server options.
  • Fix: Media Server Options: Possible crash caused by the server detection when leaving the Options → DVBViewer Media Server Page, particularly if it was entered a very short time before.
  • Updated: DVBViewer Filter to version 3.9.5. The default buffer size has been doubled generally for fixing HEVC / UHD playback issues. If still required the buffer size for HEVC playback can be set independently from the host application by tweaking the file DVBSource.ini (see configuration folder) and adding a line HEVCBufferSize=xxx in the [Params] section, where xxx is the buffer size in KB. In extreme cases a size greater than the default size may be required for 4k HEVC playbackr, e.g. 1024 = 1 MB (see here).
  • Updated: Default Channel and Transponder Lists.
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Re: DVBViewer - DVB PC player v6.1.0

Unread postby ASiX88796 » 02 May 2018 10:18

Versiune nouă: DVBViewer Pro v6.1.0
  • Added: Recorder Options: Separate radio recording format setting. The default is pure MP2 / MP3 / AAC / AC3 audio without TS containers depending on the broadcasted format. The previous general recording format setting now only applies to TV recording and has been renamed accordingly.
  • Removed: Recorder Options: “Adjusted PAT/PMT” checkbox. It is still available as tweak (launch Tweaker.exe for changing it) and switched on by default. It makes sure that the table of contents in TS files specifies the recorded, not the broadcasted elements (like audio tracks, teletext, subtitles), in order to avoid issues with other players than DVBViewer.
  • Added: Timer Recordings: The lead and follow-up time can now be specified / edited individually per timer in the Timer Recordings Window and the corresponding OSD dialog (default skin only). Transferring these values to / receiving them from the DVBViewer Media Server is now fully supported.
  • Change: Timer Recordings: The description and channel IDare now stored as Unicode in the file timers.xml . Please note: This may cause compatibility issues (garbled non-ASCII characters) when reverting to a version before
  • Fix: Recorder: Filename schemes containing backslashes could result in file paths with double backslashes and cause follow-up issues.
  • Fix/Change: Recorder: Better error handling in case of a Service ID in the channel list data that does not match the Service ID in the received data (which previously disabled “all audio tracks” recording).
  • Change/Fix: Recording Database: On database recreation / refresh reading the EPG Info files (.txt) now precedes reading the NTFS file properties of recordings (previously the other way round). This and other measures avoid messed up duration values that were not stored and processed correctly in the past.
  • Change: EPG Window: Parts have been restructured and unified/simplified. The search bar and the button for showing/hiding it are now placed at the bottom. The time bar has been removed. The contained elements (date & time input, Now Button) are now permanently visible at the top. There is one uniform context menu for all tabs (previously three different menus). Time related menu items like “Time +/-” or “Evening” now apply to all tabs (previously only to “EPG at...” and “Timeline”). The additional navigation bar at the top of the TV Guide tab has been removed. The functionality is covered by the permanently visible time navigation and the context menu.
  • Fix: EPG Window: After sorting the content of the “EPG at...” tab by clicking a column title the Details panel showed the wrong EPG item (not the selected one, see here). Additionally numerous functional bugs and inconsistencies have been fixed.
  • Added: UPnP Window: Buttons for copying the URL of UPnP items to the clipboard, playing an item and transferring the displayed items to the DVBViewer playlist, so they can be played successively without having to start the playback of each item individually.
  • Fix: UPnP Window: The window was not able to display Unicode characters, that are not contained in the local character set.
  • Fix: UPnP / OSD: Some flaws on OSD Menu → htpcHome → UPnP, particularly the missing help via OSD Blue (F8) and the non-working automatic display of discovered UPnP servers. The page remained empty unless the user pressed OSD Yellow (F7).
  • Added: Subtitles: Ability to obtain SRT subtitle files associated with video files from the DVBViewer Media Server (requires DMS version 2.1 or later). This also applies to Playback → UPnP Server. They appear in the Settings → Subtitles menu.
  • Added: Subtitles: Ability to recognize multiple SRT files for different languages that are associated with a video file, provided the SRT filenames follow the usual naming convention. If the video filename is movie.mkv, recognized SRT subtitle file names are movie.srt, movie.eng.srt, movie.ger.srt etc. They all appear in the Settings → Subtitles menu.
  • Fix: Subtitles: Several issues concerning SRT subtitles. SRT files with UTF-8 BOM bytes couldn't be read. The subtitle update frequency was too low (once per second) causing bad sync with video and omitted subtitles on fast changes.
  • Fix: Subtitles: DVBViewer did not handle video files with both internal (embedded) and external SRT subtitles correctly (see here).
  • Fix: Subtitle Options: The slider for adjusting the background transparency of SRT subtitles didn't take effect.
  • Added: Teletext Options: Sliders for adjusting the background transparency and outline thickness of teletext subtitles.
  • Added: Hardware Options: The complete device name is displayed as hint on mouse over if it exceeds the list box width.
  • Fix: Hardware: The connection timeout configured for virtual TS Stream devices was ignored internally.
  • Change: Hardware: “No hardware available” error message replaced in the English language file by the more meaningful “"There is no matching DVB device available for this channel!" (see here).
  • Fix: HbbTV/MHEG5: Measure to enable the coexistence of HbbTV and MHEG services for the same channel. OSD Red (F5) preferably activates HbbTV, if available and enabled. The OSD main menu allows to select HbbTV or MHEG5 (by Christian).
  • Fix: Channel List Views: If the grouping was set to Root + Frequency empty category names were displayed for TS Stream channels (because they have no frequency).
  • Fix: Main Window: Enabling/Disabling the Playback → Playback Rate menu item in the main window did not work as intended. It is supposed to be enabled on DVD playback (except for DVD menus) and for file playback without the DVBViewer Filter.
  • Change/Fix: Media Server Options: The method for sending Wake On LAN to the server PC now conforms more to the standard expected by network devices.
  • Fix: General: The “User Data Error” message box appeared without text. After clicking OK DVBViewer was not terminated properly, but was still running invisibly and had to be terminated with the task manager (see here).
  • Updated: DVBViewer Filter to version 3.9.6 (H.264 format detection enhancements particularly for handling problems with H.264 baseline profile and the LAV Video Decoder in DXVA2 Native mode).
  • Updated: Default satellite transponder lists, default satellite and internet channel lists.
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Re: DVBViewer Pro v6.1.1

Unread postby ASiX88796 » 14 May 2018 23:15

Versiune nouă: DVBViewer Pro v6.1.1
  • Fix: EPG Window: The Timeline tab was not updated to “now” when opening the EPG Window. On EPG updates the Timeline view did not keep its vertical scroll state, but jumped to a position where the last selected channel was visible. Additionally the timeline view did not immediately respond to changes in the timer list by displaying scheduled items in red. In certain cases the date displayed at the top did not match the content of the TV Guide tab.
  • Fix: Channel Editor: The Direct Address button for retrieving the direct URL of a stream without redirections remained hidden in case of HTTPS URLs.
  • Added: Recorder: SDT data in recordings in addition to EPG data (if configured) enabling VLC to read the EPG (see here).
  • Fix: Media Server Client: If the configured Media Server address was a name instead of an IP address (except “localhost”), DVBViewer did not resolve it before comparing it with the sender IP address of received Media Server broadcasts/multicasts, thus erroneously discarding prompts for updating the timer and recording list (see here).
  • Added: Hardware: Support for Elgato Netstream 4C devices.
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DVBViewer Pro v6.1.2

Unread postby ASiX88796 » 20 Aug 2018 01:52

Versiune nouă: DVBViewer Pro v6.1.2
  • Removed: Recording: Writing the EPG data of recordings as NTFS file properties has been dropped. However, reading file properties on recording data base updates (if there is no EPG information file) is still supported.
  • Fix: Timer Recordings Window: Timers could not be edited if the channel was excluded by the filter options of the channel list on the left.
  • Fix: Timer Recordings Window: The timer end time was not displayed if the additional follow-up time exceeded midnight (e.g. 23:55 + 10 minutes).
  • Fix: Timer Recordings- and EPG-Window: Up/Down buttons in time input fields were displayed too wide if Windows was configured for a large text size (see here).
  • Fix: EPG Window: The “EPG at...” tab did not respond to time selection (e.g. the Now button) if it displayed search results.
  • Added: EPG Window: A pipe character '|' between search items is interpreted as a logical OR, which means, a search for Tom|Jim|Joe will yield search results that contain the name Tom, Jim or Joe. As before blanks between search items are interpreted as logical AND. Thus a search for Tom Jim Joe yields results that contain all three names. AND and OR can be combined: Tom Jim|Joe yields results that contain Tom and Jim or Joe.
  • Change/Fix: EPG: New strategy for handling arriving EPG data in relation to already present data that enhances the EPG update behavior. Additionally potential access violations after EPG data deletion were fixed.
  • Fix/Change: TV/Radio Options: Channel switching with the mouse wheel (see Options → Input → Mouse) only caused MiniEPG changes if “Browse in MiniEPG” was enabled. The “Browse in MiniPG” and “Channel plus/minus switching delay” settings are not mutual exclusive anymore, so the latter can be enabled for channel switching with the mouse even if “Browse in MiniEPG” is enabled for channel switching via keyboard.
  • Change: Wake on LAN: DVBViewer now sends the WOL magic packet via all available network cards (previously the choice was up to Windows), in order to avoid problems with multihomed PCs.
  • Fix: Scanner: Several channels on Astra 28.2° E, 12207 V were erroneously flagged as data channels due to “hide channel duplicates without Freesat EPG” measures.
  • Added: Hardware: Basic support for Unicable 2 (JESS). Options → Hardware → Unicable allows to configure a device for the conventional (EN 50494) or the advanced (EN 50607) Unicable system, that supports up to 32 user bands (slots) and more than 2 satellite positions.
  • Added: Hardware: Support for DigiBest ISDB-T devices (unencrypted channels only, see here).
  • Fix: Hardware: Tuning ATSC frequencies with Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 950Q did not work (see here).
  • Added: Hardware: Support for Freenet (SMiT USB Dongle) DVB-T2 Sticks
  • Change/Fix: Downloader: Several enhancements and fixes particularly concerning the handling of errors, HTTPS and user name/password.
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DVBViewer Pro v6.1.3

Unread postby ASiX88796 » 17 Jan 2019 23:39

Versiune nouă: DVBViewer Pro v6.1.3

  • Change/Fix: Recording Timers: The internal timer handling has been reworked and unified, including synchronization with the timer list of an associated Media Server. Several issues have been fixed.
  • Added: EPG Window: New “Record Series” command in the context menu and as button. It is only available if DVBViewer is configured as Media Server client (version 2.1.3 or later required), with Options → DVBViewer Media Server → Send timers to the server switched on. The command lets the Media Server create timers for all programs of the same channel with the same title (without appended season and episode numbers) that are currently present in the EPG. Additionally the Media Server creates a search preset that enables automatic timer creation for further episodes. Program repetitions yield deactivated timers that are not executed. For this purpose the Media Server compares the programs with already existing recordings and timers. Please note that this function may create scores of timers at once. For programs that are always broadcasted at the same time on the same day(s), recurring timers with daily/weekly repetition are much more efficient.
  • Added: Media Server Client: “Parameters for series recording” tweak (→ see Tweaker.exe). It allows to modify the /api/searchadd.html URL that DVBViewer sends to the Media Server to let it execute the "Record Series" function offered in the EPG window (see above). Further information about this topic will be provided on demand in the DVBViewer Forum.
  • Change: Recording Timers: Stopping an ongoing recording manually before its end time, now uniquely results in the following handling of the corresponding timer:
    -Manual instant recording: As before the associated timer (by default with a duration of 23:59 hours) is deleted.
    -One-time recording: The timer is deactivated, not deleted or kept in an invisible canceled state anymore. Re-activating it restarts recording in another file. The timer is deleted after it has reached its end time.
    -Recurring recording (on additional days of the week, weekly repetition): The timer is immediately switched to the next execution date, not kept in an invisible “canceled” state until its end time, that caused an unwanted recording restart after closing and relaunching DVBViewer.

    A forced early recording stop by closing DVBViewer or shutting the PC down keeps the timer in a waiting state, causing the recording to be restarted as soon as DVBViewer is relaunched or wakes up, provided the end time has not been reached yet.
    Please note that deactivating a timer manually always stops a corresponding ongoing recording (as before).

  • Fix: Recording Timers: Recording timers for TS Stream channels were wrongly marked as “not executable” in the timer list, if there was no TS Stream device in the hardware list. The functions that checks if timers are executable did not consider that TS Stream devices are auto-created on demand. However, only the UI was affected. The timer was executed anyway.
  • Change: Recording: The TV/Radio → Recording Statistics → Recording Status context menu → “Split” menu item now requires the new tweak “Allow manual split of recordings” to become visible (see Tweaker.exe). It also lets this menu item appear in the Main Window → “Record Current Channel” submenu for ongoing manual (instant) recordings. The “Split” function lets the recorder continue the recording in a new file with a number 00x appended to the filename. The split is lossless, so that the parts can be concatenated gaplessly (e.g. by using the TSPlayer). DVBViewer is able to play them as if they were one file. However, the Media Server only considers the first part.
  • Added: Recording: TV/Radio → Recording Statistics → Recording Status context menu → “Delete and Restart” menu item. It stops and deletes an ongoing recording and immediately restarts it. Previously this function was only available in the “Record Current Channel” submenu for ongoing manual (instant) recordings. Please note: DVBViewer Media Server 2.1.3 or later is required for this function, if DVBViewer delegates recordings to it.
  • Fix: Recording: Picture in Picture context menu → Record Current Channel → Stop after current/next program wrongly referred to the program played in the main window, not the one in the PiP window
  • Fix: Timer Recordings Window: The timer list did not keep its scroll state when it was updated.
  • Fix: TV/Radio Playback: Live stream playback (particularly via UPnP, HbbTV or the Open URL dialog) could fail if Options → TV/Radio → Fast Channel Switching was switched off.
  • Fix: TV/Radio Playback: Missing video format detection in case of switching channels with HEVC video and Lentoid decoder usage. A changed resolution caused a wrong picture size.
  • Added: TV/Radio Playback: Method for performing adjustments to the video/audio format later if a necessary format detection on playback start does not succeed within a 3 seconds timeout. This enables for example HEVC playback with the Lentoid decoder or ADTS AAC playback with the Microsoft audio decoder in certain cases where it previously failed.
  • Added: Subtitles: Usage of the XYSubFilter (if installed) in combination with the LAV source filter / splitter and MadVR for displaying subtitles e.g. on MKV or MP4 playback. DVBViewer only loads the filter if no other subtitle filter has been added before by a filtergraph preset (see Options -> DirectX -> Presets). Auto-loading of the filter can be switched off with the tweak “Load XYSubFilter for subtitles” (see Tweaker.exe).
  • Added: Subtitles: Support for ATSC closed captions (CEA 608) embedded in H.264 video, including US internet streams. Please note that DVBViewer only searches for captions in live H.264 video if the reception type is ATSC or TS Stream, the latter requiring Options → Subtitles → Always check for ATSC captions to be switched on.
  • Added/Fix: General: Color management that enhances the DVBViewer appearance in case of Windows designs with a dark background. Several DVBViewer defined colors that don't correspond to system colors are now adjusted to the Windows design. The color definitions for bright and dark designs can be tweaked in the file setup.xml. More information about it will be published on demand.
  • Fix: Main Window: Under Windows 10 a framed main window snapped to the screen edge did not keep this position after a DVBViewer restart. If View → Show Frame was switched off, but a temporary frame for resizing was visible, switching to another display mode like full screen and back changed the “Show Frame” setting to on. Additionally a frameless window, that was snapped to the screen edge, moved away from it after resizing.
  • Added: General: Additional windows (besides the main window) snap to the screen edge: EPG, Timer Recordings, Recording Statistics, Teletext, Channel List etc.
  • Change: OSD: Channel switching by number input now uses the Mini EPG for channel preview, not the display at the main window top anymore. Additionally DVBViewer immediately switches over to the channel and does not wait for another digit if the previous input already specifies the channel unambiguously, e.g. favorite number 4 if there are only 35 favorites. In case of 1-based channel numbering the zero key now switches back to the previous channel (formerly without effect).
  • Change: EPG Window: New timeline design that indicates the program genres by colors (see here). The tweak “Simple timeline view in the EPG window” (see Tweaker.exe) allows to revert to the simpler timeline view of version 6.1.2 and earlier. The colors and properties of both timeline views can be tweaked in the file setup.xml. More information about it will be published on demand.
  • Change: EPG Window: Selecting an EPG item now sets the date/time input area to the item's start time, so that it remains selected on tab changes.
  • Fix: EPG Window: Under certain circumstances programs were not marked as “already covered by a timer” if the lead and follow-up time were 0 (see here). The native (not imported) DVB EPG of channels belonging to the TS Stream reception type was not displayed on the TV Guide tab. Channel auto-selection after a channel change did not work properly on the “EPG at...” and “Timeline” tab in case of TS Stream channels with imported EPG.
  • Added: Channel Editor: Channel list import plug-in (ImportConf.dll) for the channel.conf files of the Linux VDR, particularly those offered by Vodafone/Kabel Deutschland for cable reception in different regions. Simply drag & drop the downloaded file into the Channel Editor. Additionally future Transedit uploads will be able to create transponder lists out of conf files.
  • Change: Media Server Client: More reliable communication with an associated Media Server. DVBViewer now stores the network adapter IP over which the server responded to the search request during the detection process. Henceforth DVBViewer uses this adapter for listening for incoming Media Server messages. Additionally the new tweak “Adapter IP for Media Server messages” can be used to specify the network adapter manually (see Tweaker.exe).
  • Change: TS Stream / Channel Editor: HTTP header instructions for Kodi appended to URLs are now automatically translated to the corresponding DVBViewer commands on M3U playlist import (previously only on manual URL input, see here).
  • Fix: TS Stream: Channel auto-update issues if a TV server (e.g. Dreambox) delivered the originally broadcasted PAT (Program Allocation Table), that enumerates all services of a transponder. In certain cases DVBViewer was not able to determine in a timely manner which service and which video/audio/subtitle streams were actually contained in the received transport stream (see here).
  • Added: IPTV: Batch file DVBViewer_IPTV_Firewall_Rules.bat for setting up firewall rules that allow to receive (multicast) UDP IPTV originating from outside the home network, e.g. T-Entertain/Magenta TV. Please note: The file must be executed with administrator rights (right-click it → Run as administrator). Only use this file if DVBViewer is running behind a router. The file DVBViewer_Firewall_Rules.bat can be used to return to the normal (default) firewall setup.
  • Fix: Hardware Options: The Unicable dialog did not display the Unicable 2 slot number range correctly. After being reopened it showed a wrong Unicable 2 slot number (see here). Internally the values were stored correctly.
  • Added: Hardware: Handling of TBS 5520 SE / TBS 5580 / 5590 USB boxes as DVB-S2/T2/C hybrid tuners. Switching between the tuner types, which previously had to be performed with a TBS tool, is now done inside DVBViewer according to the type of the selected channel. In case of an already existing DVBViewer installation Options → Hardware → Scan Devices is required to let the additional tuner entries appear.
  • Fix: Hardware: Wrong detection of some Hauppauge devices as hybrid tuners, though they were dual tuners (see here).
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